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We can deliver the service you are looking for in the Electronics Industry .
From Supplying Components to Rapid Building of Prototype Pcb and Cable Assemblies.

Welcome to Arden Electronics!

Breaking News! Arden Electronics has now taken over the Seat Belt Indicator System manufacturing from Mitchell and Spiller.

Arden Electronics:

  • An Independent Electronic Component Distributor
  • An ICT Reseller
  • A Design,Test and Build RAPID Prototyping and Small Order Assembler
  • A Far East Electronic Consultancy
  • An ISO 9001 : 2000 Approved Supplier
  • Component Kitting
  • Transformers/Power Supplies
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Batteries
  • Call mynah  - The Universal Call Recorder for ALL mobile phones!

    Intelligence Recordings is a Telephone Recording Equipment company. Our main offerings include: Phone Call Recorders and Digital Phone Recorders. Call Recorder Device, Phone Recording Equipment, Telephone Record Software, Tapping Calls, Recordings Conversations, Digital Voice Recorders

We offer global sourcing capabilities, shortage management, global market pricing and worldwide procurement. We also offer parts from our stock and OEM stock globally.

Please use Arden as your purchasing partner to help solve your procurement problems.

Don’t delay please send us your RFQ today!

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